„Joyfully Exhausted.
When it is worth the effort."

Dr. Christina Guthier


As a manager, do you sometimes wonder what measures would actually make your employees' work lives healthier and more productive? If so, as a doctor of business psychology, I deliver individually tailored presentations on topics such as:

  • Exhaustion & Burnout
  • Psychological Safety & Dealing with mistakes
  • Relaxation & Wellbeing

Meine einschlägigen Erfahrungen in der Wissenschaft (Schmidt-Hunter Meta-Analysis Award 2022 Gewinnerin von der SIOP) ermöglichen es mir, die Qualität von Studien und damit die Belastbarkeit der Ergebnisse einzuordnen. Auf Tuchfühlung mit der Praxis bin ich durch meine „Fakten hinter der Schlagzeile“ Beiträge in der PERSONALquarterly sowie dem regelmäßigen Austausch mit meinen Business Partner:innen und Kund:innen. 

If you want to see your employees joyfully exhausted at the end of a productive workday, I'm happy to support you with evidence & empathy to achieve your goal.



When I help individuals, teams or organizations develop healthier and more productive work environments, the foundation is the
Dr. Christina Guthier Consulting-Modelll:

Evidence - Applying Analyses.

As a scientist, I use data and statistical analysis to make the best possible decisions. If my clients succeed in asking the right questions with me, there are no limits to the evolution of workplace environments.

Empathy - Listening Actively.

As a coach, I listen actively to understand the different conflicts in teams and organizations. I also encourage my clients to see and use challenges as opportunities for evolution.

Evolution - Being Adaptive.

As a consultant, I enable my clients to adapt to changing environments and to remain healthy and productive. The combination of evidence and empathy seems to me to be crucial for future evolutional success.


Academic Publications

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  • Dormann, C., & Guthier, C. (2019). Successful and Positive Learning Through Study Crafting: A Self-Control Perspective. In O. Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia (ed.), Frontiers and Advances in Positive Learning in the Age of InformaTiOn (PLATO) (pp. 57-72). Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-26578-6_5
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Other Publications


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Dr. Christina Guthier

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Can I help you as a scientific consultant or speaker on topics related to exhaustion, psychological safety and recovery? Then simply contact me directly so that we can personally discuss possibilities for collaboration.

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